• Celebrating over 20 years of making hand tossed, New York style pizza and Italian favorites everyone will love.
  • Be in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself! Sam & Louie’s franchise opportunities let you be your own boss with a well-known brand and support team behind you.
  • Flexible Building Options. Well suited for many locations, large cities or small towns and can be located within a strip center, free standing building or other available, leasable space.
  • Special Military & Veteran Assistance. Ask about the Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative Assistance Loan Act made possible by the U.S. Small Business Association. Especially set up for Veterans, service-disabled Veterans, Reservists and National Reserve Members, spouses and more.

Sam & Louie’s Pizza Franchise Opportunities

Sam & Louie’s Pizza began with one location in Omaha, Nebraska and grew into a successful pizza franchise with over 20 locations and growth opportunities available throughout the United States and Canada.  Our restaurants are well suited for any size of community and with flexible building options, strong training and support teams and a proven franchise system, you can own your own Sam & Louie’s Pizza and be your own boss.



The Sam & Louie’s Story

In my case I had been with a very old and successful direct sales company for 17 years. I had moved up the management ladder and back down and back up again.  I was growing weary of top management, those in the Ivory Tower, which I had disagreed with almost on a daily basis.  This is where my daughter comes into the picture.  She too wasn’t satisfied with her current situation.  She had been attending college and shortly after she went back for yet another grueling semester (in the fall of 1993), she showed up on our doorstep and declared she quit.  So there we both were, deciding which road we were going to take.  One thing she was happy with was the pizza business she had gotten a taste of during her summers off from college.  She thought, “Hey why don’t we do pizza?” I said, “Why not,” and in April of 1994, we opened our first location, which is still operating today.


Sam & Louie History

Meet Sam and Louie, the real faces behind the name.

Now you’re probably thinking, so who are Sam and Louie?  One day I was driving down the road and finally it hit me, “Sam & Louie’s”, what a great name, it was perfect.  My father’s name was Sam and my wife’s father Louie.  Sounds like a couple of New York mobsters, right?  Actually, one was Czech and the other Irish, both from rural Nebraska…it didn’t really matter where they were from, it sounded great!  Keeping in line with the family operated business we set out to create, we chose a name with real family meaning.

Our first office was a six-top table in the dining room of the pizzeria.

Our first office was a six-top table in the dining room of the pizzeria.

Armed with a tight knit group of family members and key employees, I set off into the pizza business, not yet knowing what our future would hold.  The restaurant was a quick success and something my family and I became very passionate about.  Our passion quickly sparked interest in others.  A second location, still operating today as a franchise, opened under a license agreement and through this we became interested in franchising.  It was almost daily that a customer would ask, “Can you help me do something like this?”  And so the research began; seminars, conventions, late night brainstorming sessions, lawyers, trips to the copy shop for rented computer time and more seminars. Our first office was a six-top table in the dining room of the pizzeria.

By 2001 we were officially a pizza franchise. Since then, our passion for the growth and success of the communities we are in has become just as strong as our passion for pizza.  We now have franchises in Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

   – Greg Nolan, Founder

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