Frequently Asked Questions about Sam & Louie’s Franchises

The answers to the following frequently asked questions will help you further evaluate our franchise opportunity and make a fully informed decision concerning its benefits to you. This information is not intended to replace the information contained in our Franchise Disclosure Document, which we will provide access to once your Application is complete, and which you should thoroughly examine prior to entering into any agreement.

Why pizza and what makes Sam & Louie’s so special?

Do I need prior restaurant experience to own a Sam & Louie’s franchise?

How many Sam & Louie’s restaurants may I operate?

Does Sam & Louie’s provide potential franchisees with an Earnings Claim Statement?

How can I determine what geographic area is available for franchising?

Can an existing building be remodeled?

How do I select a location?

How is my restaurant designed and plans drawn?

Who is responsible for each restaurant's advertising?

What types of advertising programs are utilized by Sam & Louie’s?

Do I purchase food products and supplies directly from Sam & Louie’s?

Where do I purchase the equipment package?

What training is provided by Sam & Louie’s?

Does the owner need training?

Does Sam & Louie’s provide any ongoing training?

What form of continuing operations guidance will I receive?

How soon can I be in operation once I have been awarded a franchise?

Can I sell my Sam & Louie’s franchise?

Who are the top executives at Sam & Louie’s?

What's the next step if I am interested in a Sam & Louie’s Franchise?


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