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A great restaurant with a menu everyone loves, a strong support team behind you and a successful franchise system could be your opportunity to own your own business. We’re looking for people who understand that with hard work, a delicious menu, the right training and skills, you can be successful and profitable. We are proud to be a restaurant that’s perfect for families with kids, beers with friends, special events, everyday occasions plus we offer catering too.

Sam & Louie’s restaurants bring employment opportunities and fundraising support to our communities and we are growing with more restaurants opening in 2016.

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Nationally Recognized Top Franchise

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Read Franchise Testimonials

Alliance“Greg and Gang just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for everything you all have done for Will and I. From day one you have been there answering our questions. Even my crazy ones! You guys are the best!  Your trainers were such a great help to us.”  – Will and Sam Hall, Alliance, NE franchise owner

“Our customers like the fresh hot food, the fresh ingredients and the taste best about your Sam & Louie’s. It’s enjoyable to see happy customers. The support from the corporate office is very open. The marketing, Tammy Nun, is one of the strongest points.”  – Steve Englebrecht, Beatrice, NE, franchise owner



“Sam & Louie’s was very helpful during the training. They still are. They keep us in the loop about what’s going on. Touching base with us even though we’re far away. Our customers like the hominess of our Sam & Louie’s. They feel comfortable. It’s family orientated. Everyone says on our customer cards that they like our menu and the variety. There are so many different items.”  – Tim Haupt, Billings, MT, franchise owner

“Sam and Louie’s was real helpful in sharing their experiences and answering questions. They have a vast array of stores in different towns, so they have a feel for the markets. They have a ton of reference material. It’s good guidance.  Our customers like the really good flavor best. We’re different than all the other pizza places and we have real variety on the menu. We’re not just a pizza joint. They also like the atmosphere, the traditional Italian brick look. It has a nice, homey comfortable feeling.”  – Patty Davey, Blair, NE, franchise owner


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